Hydracare is the leading UK supplier of Rivolta cartridges to the injection moulding industry.

Lubricating greases are made up of a base oil, specially chosen thickener, and additives to ensure the right properties and long-life lubrication for specific applications.
Rivolta lubricating greases provide the ideal technical and economical solutions for injection moulding machine applications.


  • Reliable, long-lasting lubrication for your machinery
  • Save up to 50% on typical Bellow packs
  • Easy to fit using our high-quality aluminium adaptor
  • Advanced German technology
Lube product Rivolta alternative
MY2 F.L.G GT-2/3
FS2 F.L.G GT-2/3
LHL W-100 F.L.G GT-0
LHL X-100 F.L.G GT-2/3
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