Concerned about contractors onsite? Anxious to keep on top of your oil maintenance?

HYDRACARE has the answer…..

Oil sampling is a vital part of maintenance planning.  However, in the current pandemic, site visitors and contractors are limited across some plants to ensure the spread of infection is limited.

Hydracare can supply you with oil sample kits for you to take your own samples.  This reduces the need for additional visitors to site, while still keeping on top of your maintenance schedule.

How it works:

  1. Oil sample kits and full instructions are posted to you
  2. You take the samples in your own time, maintaining your ‘bubble’
  3. Return the sample in free Postage Paid return envelopes provided
  4. Receive accurate data on the condition of your oil, allowing you to take any necessary action





Receive TWO free sample kits when you purchase two barrels of hydraulic oil, plus an additional kit for every further barrel you purchase.
(Valid during the month of October 2020)

Contact us now to place your order.

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