Looking for a trusted partner of oil products and services in the UK? Hydracare is one of the UK’s leading suppliers, offering a complete range of products and support including Spill Kit solutions, ensuring you meet the latest environment legislations.

Any company that stores liquids, or has a potential pollution risk on site, needs to have spill kits in place. From a large tank spill to a small diesel leak from a vehicle, a spill kit is necessary to contain and clear spillages to stop or limit environmental damage and accidents.

We offer an extensive range of top-brand kits, designed to meet any incident. From small individual kits for minor leaks, to bespoke products suited to the chemicals stored on your site, Hydracare provides the solution you need to fix the incident fast and effectively.
These include:

• Oil spill kits
• Chemical spill kits
• General purpose/maintenance kits
• Accessories including cushions, pads and rolls

By using Hydracare products, customers can ensure their business is fully compliant with Environment Agency (EA) regulations; the EA requires a plan to be in place for any potential spills, hazards or pollution incidents.

We can also support customers by offering spill response training courses, impact assessments and free site surveys to ensure customers meet all regulations, and have the confidence and expertise to deal with any emergency. It also offers a 24-hour emergency spill response service if for some reason, external support is required.

ISO 9001 certified, we are firmly placed as a supplier of quality oil products and services to customers in the plastic moulding industry, across the UK and Ireland. We consistently provide products and services that meet statutory and regulatory requirements, something that is crucial in the supply of oil to manufacturing industries.

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